Moving Environments Mat<br>Jared Kaplan<br>Class 3512

Moving Environments Mat
Jared Kaplan
Class 3512

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Thanks Clinton - high praise coming from an experienced, studied teacher + Studio owner like you. Integrate away and let me know if you have any questions - I'd be happy to help refine or strategize.
Clinton that is really great feedback. Thank you. Jared after watching from behind the camera, I'm happy to finally be able to take this class tonight.
JARED!!!!!! that dowel work was hard!!!! Oh my goodness I feel like a million dollars though and my thoracic feels so good. Brilliant class, I love your proprioception work. More classes!!
I want to hear how being a mover felt Kristi Cooper rather than producing or teaching! ;) And Missoni Lanza, that you feel like a million bucks is the best compliment I can receive - especially as we all work so hard on our clients' behalf, and often put our selves and our own physicality last. Good job! More coming soon!
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Goodness I love this! please more classes with the block. I love everything about this class. Thank you.
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What a lovely class!
Thank you Lani and Antra ! Happy to share more ideas like the blocks, which were inspired by my colleague Cary Berkowitz at Studio 26 in NYC. The Tutorial 3510 Moving Environments takes you through ways to use the principles yourself, plus what led me to the blocks as a tool in the first place. Hope it helps inspire your class/sessions, and THANK YOU for taking class with me!
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Thank you for an inspiring class. Can you tell me the name of the small flat sided balls and where you can buy them ?
Thanks Diane
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Jared, Interesting class. Many of us travel expensively and watch your videos while on the road. We don't have props with us. It would be beneficial to emphasis what alternatives we can use, and how we (the non-prop) clients should feel, and do. You did mention this in your video - and I thank you - it's a general comment for this website which I enjoy on a regular basis.
Thank you Diane , happy to inspire! Working on a source for the half balls. To Hildy 's point, ALL of this work can be done with no props and simple yet specific kinetic cues. I did the class myself with only a mat and it works! That said, the props are a great education and proprioceptive tool , and I welcome you to use whatever is at your disposal - a towel from the hotel room; I've even used quarters under my metatarsal for sensing specific contact points ;) The options are limitless!
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