Reformer Flow<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 3519

Reformer Flow
Kristi Cooper
Class 3519

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Laura C
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Fantástica como siempre!
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Lovely workout!!!! 💜
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I was so glad when you said “that’s enough” when we were doing side overs! Great workout! Thank you Kristi!
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Thanks for the great workout😊
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Enjoyed the element of simplicity with form. Thank you.
Thank you all for joining me! Stacy, some days (a lot of days) I do much better with simplicity! I'm glad it worked for you on this day too. :)
Sally Anderson
Beautiful Kristi! I always love being in a studio with you xox
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Loved it !
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Beautiful Kristi, thanks so much.. love your intuitive cueing. Your classes are a joy to watch!
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lovely Kristi, just what I needed today!
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