Reformer Flow
Kristi Cooper
Class 3519

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Loved it!!! Really perfect to start my day... with "boom!"
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Thanks, what a fantastic sequence.
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Wow, power, grace, and clarity
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Really needed a gentle reentry after I did something to my back last week. This is perfect, Kristi--thank you so much!
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loved it, Kristi, thank you! I changed the box to an Oov (small is good for everybody), bigger part in the back, for the ab-work in the beginning. Can highly recommend it, especially for people with pain ( fear) in their lower back!
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Merci beaucoup!
J’adore le rythme des exercices, la transmission d’explications, la fluidité. Beaucoup de contrôle, beaucoup de bon humeur.... vous nous faites profiter du Pilates.
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Fab! Thanks, Kristi, as ever!
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Kristi, I love this class. Something about it feels like comfort food. If that makes any sense. :)
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Great cues! I loved the idea of taking inventory. So true! Thank you.
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Love your cueing! Enjoyed every minute of this class. Thank you!
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