Jump Board Flow<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3522

Jump Board Flow
Amy Havens
Class 3522

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Just what I needed, thank you Amy!
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Loved this class! Especially the ab series with the straps above the knee. I will be feeling that tomorrow I'm sure! The clam series was great too. Oh, and I love your leggings!! Thank you for another awesome class:)
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Thanks Amy, love your jump classes, always new fun moves.
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Loved this Amy Havens ! Thank you!
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That was perfection!
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Fun class, Amy! Beginning the class with the connections to the back of the leg with no spring was quite nice. Really enjoyed the side lying and supine single leg jump sequencing. Thank you.
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I love the jumpboard too! Nice flow - great leg work! You do such a good job of giving permission to set yourself up for your own success depending on your own strengths and weaknesses. But you also help identify in their own body just where you may need more or less! Thank you [Amy!
Michele M
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Wow that was fun! I love the extra jump board variations, single leg especially:). Thanks Amy!
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Loved this class Amy. Was looking for a new class with some jumpboard fun included! This was perfect! Thanks!
Christine P
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What a lovely class Amy Havens !! I really enjoyed the creative sequencing and mindfulness pre-jump prep throughout. Well done :)
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