Build A Better Backside
Erika Quest
Class 3536

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Super Fun and very creative. Thanks for sharing.
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Loved it! The side lying was awesome
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Yay! Been waiting for this! Love the backside work. I don’t have handles but I just modified. I really enjoy your classes
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This was a great class. I loved the balance work involved, as always with your classes! I also loved the side lying work.

Two questions:

1. I could barely budge the spring on the oblique pike work on my left side. Can you recommend a “starter” exercise to build up the strength on that side?

2. For the side standing work on top of the chair (inner thigh work), I know generally that I shouldn’t bend the knee beyond toe area, so is it ok for my foot to be hanging over the side a bit to avoid this?

Thanks so much for yet another wonderful class. I am getting so much out of your teaching.

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WOOHOO David Lori Mel W Margaret THANKS for taking class with me! Always fun when a new session releases on PA. I was itching to add another chair class, so I'm stoked you're enjoying it too. Much love, Erika
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Lori on your questions, I would try first by always starting with the side which is "working" for your obliques and see if you can transfer the learning to the other side when you switch. If this is not helping, I would definitely take this to a more stable surface (the floor) and practice the same movement pattern, but without the pedal. IE: Pike position on the floor with oblique knee bends to get started. On #2, you are absolutely correct to adjust your foot placement on the top of the chair for knee and ankle safety and biomechanics! Much love, Erika
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Wow sooo much fun!! I love your energy and enthusiasm! I found the balancing and unilateral exercises to be super helpful too. Thanks you for sharing Erika!!:)
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Sweet Michele !!! That's awesome and so fun to workout with you! Much love, Erika
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Thank you! Great class, great ideas with stability ball. I can’t remember when was the last time I could sit as straight without tail bone pain (old injury), it acted as a perfect cushion and challenge at the same time.
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Perfect, super idea, the ball, I also have clients with tail bone problems
wonderful chair work out. Thanks.
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