Build A Better Backside
Erika Quest
Class 3536

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I so enjoyed this class! Excellent cueing. This has improved my posture having returned from a long flight home.
Pat Once again, great to see you in my comments feed for class. Thanks for your lovely words and so glad you got this in after sitting on a long flight. Much love, Erika
Natalya and Regina you both are so awesome for your feedback and comments. Loved taking class with you and *yes* that sneaky small ball can be used for both comfort AND balance. Much love, Erika
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Thank you for awesome and creative class, Erika. Love the challenge to build better back side, feeling stronger after doing this class again, Svitlana
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I always love your classes! Loved this one too! Thank you for all the great cues.
I love watching you, Erika! Thank you for giving me some fun new exercises.
Svitlana Sandra Jenny Talarico Thank YOU ladies! You all are awesome and I really appreciate you taking the time to comment and take class with me. Much love, Erika
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Great class! My chair was getting a little dusty, always happy to wipe it down and go for it!
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Denee ALWAYS good to dust off the chair! I'm guilty of leaving it a bit dirty as well. Glad to take class with you! Much love, Erika
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Loved this class Erika really fun controlled work. Will definitely use it as inspiration with my own clients.
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