Clear and Concise Mat<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Class 3571

Clear and Concise Mat
Karen Sanzo
Class 3571

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Enjoyed this class very much Karen, thank you. Feel really well stretched
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You are such a rockstar teacher Karen! I have looked to you since starting Pilates and you never disappoint. You really excel at helping people make the right connections. I always get a deeper workout with you. There is always something you teach me. Thanks so very much!
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Karen, I truly enjoyed the journey of this class with you. You brought inspiration to me for working with a couple of particular clients. Thank you so much for your time and insight.
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Hi Karen,
I always love it when I see a class from you on PA. And of course I always gain something! My hips really needed this today as I danced my butt off at Rod Stewart concert last night. Woohoo!
Thank you for all of your wonderful expertise over the years! Xo
Karen Sanzo
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First day comments. Thanks to all of YOU for taking the time to comment. I absolutely love everything about Mat and all it has to offer. Every day is a new day.
Allison S
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I just want to say I love your videos and that you always acknowledge the work you feel. It brings such a human aspect to the work our bodies are doing. I hope I can take a class with you someday!
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Thank you! You gave me some inspiration!
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Excellent teaching and I definitely made some deeper connections!
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Thanks Karen Sanzo i really enjoyed that.
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