Cervical Powerhouse Mat<br>Jeremy Laverdure<br>Class 3580

Cervical Powerhouse Mat
Jeremy Laverdure
Class 3580

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Thanks Jeremy. Excelent class, I enjoyed very much. Greetins from Spain.
Thank you Jorge Sánchez !
Great class thank you so enlightening and will help with many neck misalignment that I see every day in my clients!
Thanks for the feedback Colleen Tomlinson ! I'm glad you found the class helpful!
Maggie L
Thank you for including the head and neck in Pilates.

Here' my prop for directing my GPS System Jeremy Laverdure

Love it, Maggie! Thanks for watching! 
Great, great, great....I love the cueing, neck flexion and extension in a slow pace ....thank you so much...looking forward to have more of like this video...
Cigdem thanks for watching! I'm glad you enjoyed the class.
Christine T
Loved this! It wasn't easy but my neck feels great. I also feel like I got a good total body workout. Love the slow pace and would love more like this. Thank You!
Christine I'm so glad you liked the class! Thanks for your comment!
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