Day 2: Cardio<br>Tracey Mallett<br>Class 3592

Day 2: Cardio
Tracey Mallett
Class 3592

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I felt my age more because of the music than because of the exercise. LOL
Oh my Goddess, what a tough workout, sweat all over. Thank you!
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Nice! Fun with some cardio. Thank you.
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Very groovy baby! See you tomorrow!
Very nice, loved it. :)
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Well I definitely was not in the mood for that kind of cardio today but I did it! Loved the abs! Can I ask where you get your music?
Laurie C
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Boy I felt challenged once again! This is another repeater. Thanks!
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Really enjoyed that session will feel it tomorrow x
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Lots of fun! Loved the ab work with the ball. Thanks for this series!
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Very good
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