Day 2: Cardio<br>Tracey Mallett<br>Class 3592

Day 2: Cardio
Tracey Mallett
Class 3592

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Thank you Tracey. What a wonderful workout. I feel great after doing it !
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Great workout Tracey!! What was the bpm for this workout?
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Great cardio workout. Thank you Tracey!
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I loved this! But man, was it tough. I'll definitely be saving this one to use again!
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I sweated, this is good. Thank you!
Lisa V
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Excellent! Challenged those legs! Thank you!
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my favorite
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Loved it. I would love to know where the music is from too. Thank you
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Tracey! Your energy and enthusiasm is everything! Thank you šŸ˜€
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Iā€™m scared for tomorrow
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