Day 10: Feel the Burn<br>Tracey Mallett<br>Class 3598

Day 10: Feel the Burn
Tracey Mallett
Class 3598

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Hooray! What a fantastic series. Tracey, you are so much fun. I just love your enthusiasm and joy plus you know how to kick some booty! Thank you!
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Phew, that last class was a killer but woohoo! I did it!! That was a tough but fantastic 10 days. Thank you so much Tracey. The constant challenge and variety combined with your enthusiasm made it really special. I'm going to miss this challenge. I might just have to rewind and start it all over again. Already looking forward to the next one x
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Thank you for the great start to 2019 Tracey! Love your energy - and you look amazing!
That was awesome, thank you! Your abs are an inspiration to me.
Lisa V
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Tracey, you're an inspiration and so full of vibrancy and joy. The choreography was fun the entire time - the class flies by. And, I do feel I've improved a bit. Thank you and PA for offering this. More of these, please!
Dena M
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That was great. Went by in an instant. Ready for your next challenge. Thank you!
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What a grand finale!!! I loved every bit of this challenge and am missing it already!! Thanks for sharing all this with us Tracey and please come back soon :))
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Tracey, I loved all classes!!!!! I had to make two breaks in between, but just because of my fault. You did it great and surely I will repeat these classes again!!!! Thanks so much!
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Thanks a lot Tracey, i enjoy every Day of this challange....
I think i will do it again and Start tomorrow with # 1 💖
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We did it! Hallelujah! I'm totally going to do this challenge again--I'm curious to see how much easier it will be next time. Thank you, Tracey--you are such a BOSS!
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