Mat Basics
Adrianne Crawford
Class 36

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Because the instructor was wearing all black and the student had on black pants, I sometimes found it difficult to see the student's position. More contrast would be helpful.
very helpful in cueing and positioning
thank you
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I love her instructions, no mention of "core" but uses "powerhouse" instead. Also love that Adrianne reminds you to pull your belly button up to your spine and to remember the string coming out of your head that elongates your body.
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This class was perfect for a stiff aging athlete.
Wonderful slow thorough explanation of basic intro exercises. I wish there were lots more class offerings along these same lines using Classic Pilates.Thank-you Adrianne. A series of these would be such a great service to students who train at home.
I found that the 'student' didn't need correcting as much as me as she had such good posture and that meant there were not enough corrections of position indicated to me.
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This was my third pilates video. It was definitely the most challenging of the three. However, it would have been nice to see Adrianne work with a partner that was a beginner to see how it would look with someone who wasn't as flexible and didn't already know the movements. It was also hard to see the movements in one portion of the video (when the hips were moving in a 'corkscrew' motion). It was difficult to differentiate the partner's black pants from the instructor's black outfit so I wasn't sure if I was doing the motion correctly. Otherwise, it was a good video and a great workout for someone who just had a baby!
I can't see what is happening because both the instructor & the model are wearing black pants.
Very disappointing, because the instruction is so excellent & I'm very interested in learning Romana's approach (as well as others)!
Perhaps overhead camera shot for each position would help as I agree with many of the above comments relating to dark colours worn & positions required.... Thank you
Demonstrating with a less experienced student would be good so I, as a beginner, could get more of an idea of what I should expect to achieve for each exercise - some of them seemed impossible!
This was a wonderful class. I always add a basic/foundation class to my personal sessions keeps me grounded. Thank you Adrianne.
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