Beginning Mixed Equipment<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 3608

Beginning Mixed Equipment
Monica Wilson
Class 3608

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Monica, I loved how you flipped the images!! (connecting the sit up with raised legs lowering - into the elephant and then the assisted teaser into rollback. So great that you asked client what she is using, heightening the level of consciousness. well done and thank you.
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Thoroughly enjoyed this. It was a master class in teaching. You made all of the connections between exercises and why things were being done. Thank you.
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Thanks you very much for such a lovely class Monica ๐Ÿ’•
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I love this video! It's so wonderful to go back to basics here and see you train a new person to Pilates. I wish however, that the camera could face different directions. Especially looking at the unevenness of the client's body and how to help them. Or the before and after if any difference in correction has been made.
Muy รบtil, muy interesante, inspirador. Simplemente genial!
Susan Nash
Hi Monica wonderful clear teaching cues, thank you ! How many springs were you using for elephant and knee stretch ? Are the feet more than hip width apart when under the strap for box work abs ?
Monica Wilson
Hi Susan, I had Tara on 2 springs for the Elephant and Knee Stretch Series. And Yes! feet ideally are pushing out wider then the hips to activate your outer thighs during the short box series. Hope that helps! Thank you for your feedback:) Monica
Susan Nash
Thank you Monica
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AWESOME! Thank You
Directions were very clear and demo of rounding spine very helpful. Nice how you focused on pulling belly into powerhouse.
Thank you Monica ๐Ÿ’œ
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