Dynamic Reformer Flow<br>Sara Colquhoun<br>Class 3615

Dynamic Reformer Flow
Sara Colquhoun
Class 3615

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Super fun, and very challenging. The flow is great, and I particularly enjoyed the standing balance work. Lots of challenging plank-family exercises.
Super challenging indeed!! I love all the bridge and standing work!! Thank you:)
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Dynamic for sure!! Sweating!!! Love the challange of balance, control and strength !
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You are a total powerhouse Sara! Killed it. Loved this challenging and well-paced workout. Thank you xx
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Loved it! Thank you!!
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Really lovely flow and choreography. Great standing balance.
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What a great class Sara! Certainly made me sweat. Looking forward to the next one
wow I love this practice!!!!
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Thank you for the challenge and all of the cues! Great workout! Can’t wait to have my advanced clients try out some of these variations.
I really like the combo of different bridges interspersed into the footwork - keeps the intensity up 👍also holy cow ab series right at the beginning great workout!
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