Dynamic Reformer Flow<br>Sara Colquhoun<br>Class 3615

Dynamic Reformer Flow
Sara Colquhoun
Class 3615

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Yes a fellow Aussie! Go Sarah that was an awesome challenge
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Sara, Such a great class. Thanks for the great cues and inspiration!
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Challenging and refreshing, excellent, love it!
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Love your flow and the great cues!
Stefanie R
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Wow, great class, excellent variations, perfectly done. Great job you two!
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Best reformer flow workout I’ve seen on Pilates anytime. Challenging and fun and a nice good pace...loved it! Thank you Sara for an excellent workout 🙏
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Best class I’ve experienced on PA!!!. Thank you so much for the inspiration of new takes on traditional exercises ♥️♥️♥️
Liana C
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wonderful class!
Thankyou everyone for your Amazing feedback! So glad you are enjoying this class :)))
My very favorite class-amazing
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