Exploring Inner Space<br>Gil Hedley<br>Discussion 362

Exploring Inner Space
Gil Hedley
Discussion 362

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Thank you for sharing. Inspiring, profound and empowering. Gil's use of positive language, creative thought, and spirituality regarding the body, movement and health in general is something to aspire to.
Anna I couldn't agree with you more! I find Gil's perspective to be an incredibly powerful addition to what I am discovering as I explore my "whole self" through Pilates. He is coming back next weekend to film more for us. Anything you want me to ask him?
Thank you for this I really enjoyed it!!! I love hearing about the body and anatomy from different perspectives. And... what a gift to get to enjoy this from the comfort of my own home. Thank you Kristi and Gil for sharing this here.
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You're most welcome! I appreciate the openness of Pilates Anytime to my perspective, and am grateful for Kristi's invitation to be on the site. There's more to come!!!
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Exquisite inquiry and dialogue--Thank you so much!
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very interesting, thought provoking & Gil is quite amusing & warm isnt he. Just wish I could have heard all the participants dialogue. Thank you! more Gil Hedley please!
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Thank you.
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Loved Gil's insight.. Thank you for sharing...
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An amazing dialogue, almost spiritual. I can't wait to see more.
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Fantastic! How refreshing to think and feel outside the box so to speak!

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