Stabilizing Reformer<br>Marimba Gold-Watts<br>Class 3631

Stabilizing Reformer
Marimba Gold-Watts
Class 3631

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i really enjoyed this class- i love the articulate words and movemets you chose to focus on. i see what the commenter before me is saying- though i dont share her opinion. there are so many different ways to teach and i love getting a chance to see that on pilates anytime. they are all so valuable and special! thanks again marimba!
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Congrats! Fun creative class thanks!
Chandel S
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Thank you for an awesome and challenging class Marimba! Definitely looking forward to the next one!
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This was a great morning wake up class :) Loved waking up both sides of the body and didn't feel like I was straining at all in this class for my early morning stiffness! The first exercise by far was my fave but I thoroughly enjoyed the other variations you gave to exercises I feel like I do somewhat frequently. Thanks for a lovely class!!
Awesome class!! I love your spirit, Marimba. And as someone who has had a hip surgery, I'm always looking for more ways to strengthen my hips. The scooter and the "not quite clamshells" were my favorites. Congrats on your first PA video.
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Awesome and creative hope you do more Sessions!!
Valya Karcher
Congratulations Marimba! I hope to see more classes from you!
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Congratulations on winning the competition. I loved this class, some very nice variations and insights, especially the first movements. So important to move the spine in all planes. Starting the class a little different was also really fresh and interesting. Therefore. I also disagree with the first comment.
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Thank you Marimba- I enjoyed the scooter variation- don’t have a gear box on my IQ reformer, so I stood in front of the platform with my calf against the foot bar - still challenging and some great variations there as well- thanks again! 💜
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Liked this class. Got lots of ideas for my students!
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