Stabilizing Mat<br>Marimba Gold-Watts<br>Class 3632

Stabilizing Mat
Marimba Gold-Watts
Class 3632

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thank you for a great class!
Rebecca T
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Pilates Anytime you've found a gem. Thanks. This class was interesting, well-led, and challenging. Hooray for Marimba!
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Wonderful cuing and great exercises. Enjoyed the class!
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Loved the mobilization of pelvic rotators. Thanks Marimba.
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Congratulations !! I do like a lot your class and the content. keep going!!!
Amy S
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I found the Clear and Effective cueing helps with the challenging yet accessible exercises. I appreciate the "quiet" moments in the class... giving time for students to "hear " their own bodies. One of my favorites on PA. Thank you, Marimba!
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Holy hip glide! My hips are thanking you for a fantastic mat workout. I felt a strong "eureka" moment while lifting the legs into table top after using the strap to pull the femurs into place. This basic exercise was very powerful. I often have trouble verbalizing this concept to students, and the strap was a very direct way to experience it. I also loved the side plank progression. You guided us into it so gradual and smooth, it was very sneaky. :) Pilates Anytime just became so much more valuable to me! I can't wait for more videos from you!
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Nice work, thank you. I am looking forward to try all exercises.
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Great class! Hips feel fabulous and love the spiraling at the end of class :) Thanks for another great hour of movement Marimba!
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Awesome great class
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