Stabilizing Mat<br>Marimba Gold-Watts<br>Class 3632

Stabilizing Mat
Marimba Gold-Watts
Class 3632

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Im 63 and my hips are eternally tight. So when I feel fluid after an awesome class like this Im "happy"! Thank you Marimba! Hope to see you back, maybe with a cool chair class?
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Excellent, and as someone who needs a hip replacement, this was awesome. Strong and stabilizing... great progressions.
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Great class - great instructions
Thanks for a wonderful experience Marimba! My feet and hips feel fabulous! I’m looking forward to my left foot getting a little smarter 😉
I enjoyed this class very much Marimba. It came after a long day of sitting in meetings and I feel MUCH better for committing to class with you. Thank you!
Thanks, Marimba! You’re a well-deserving winner and that was a great class. I love your precision and clear cuing. :)
Another yummy insightful class from Marimba! More please please please
And can you do a Cadillac and Chair class next?
Thank you Marimba! That was different and challenging. Loved it! Congratulations also!!! Hope to see more of you!
i love how each excercise was cued smoothly and in preparation for the next move. would love to see more videos. great job Marimba!
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