Pick Up Some Pieces<br>Carrie Macy Samper<br>Class 3662

Pick Up Some Pieces
Carrie Macy Samper
Class 3662

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Thank you Carrie ! Lovely class that will also be useful for my older clients !
Deborah, yes! Thank you!
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I agree with Deborah, my baby is 21 and this looks like a good class for me as well. Thanks for filming it!
Charlotte A
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As a newbie, I found this challenging. Thank you!
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I'm not post natal but i really liked the moved and I think lots of clients will benefit from them too
Oh good, Kelly! So many uses!
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Brilliant class for new Mum's and anyone with an abdominal separation. Loved it!
Glad you enjoyed it, Aine!
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This was an amazing class!! I am 12 weeks post partum with my second baby. I am struggling with diastasis recti abdominus so the modifications were very helpful! Thank you so much for this class and for sharing your personal story!
Lynnette , I am so glad to hear that this class resonated with you and felt good :). Way to go, doing something for yourself too!
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