Jump Board Coordination<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3674

Jump Board Coordination
Amy Havens
Class 3674

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Really enjoyed your class .could you let me know the strength of the colour springs you use so i can adjust my springs to suit what you are using ,as my springs are different colours to what you use.
Kristi B
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I needed a pick-me-up this morning and this was perfect! Such a fun workout, thank you!
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just what I needed to end the week! happy Friday. thank you !!
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Always love your classes Amy! MORE JUMPBOARD CLASSES PLEASE!!!!!
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Love this class!! So fun, thanks Amy!
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Absolutely new FAVORITE jumpboard class! I am shaking like a leaf...loved every moment of it! I am going to incorporate all of the springless movements, along with the springless ones in your class 2602, into every warm up. They are so helpful to me! Another regular rotation Amy class. Also loved seeing you work with Sarah. The two of you are so creative in teaching us new ways to use the reformer. Thanks so much!
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GREAT class! I love thew jumping with the ball. Also the "Snowman" variation leg circles is great. Love the cue of pubic bone over the side rail when doing lunges.
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This was a very fun class. I found myself laughing in my workout room by myself. My husband thinks I've lost it. :)
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Super fun class and love the ball and jumping with lovely landings. Also the brain greats a nice challenge as well. Thank you. Jocelyn
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Thank you gals SO very much, wow!!! Nice to hear all these wonderful comments and expressions of joy with this class !!! You know how much I love the jump board and adding a ball for a challenge and having my wonderful friend Sarah Bertucelli with me -- perfect combo!!
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