Articulate Feet and Hands<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 3692

Articulate Feet and Hands
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 3692

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Thanks for this. This work has been very important in my life over the past few years and has made a big difference in my mobility. I do some of it every day. Thanks for teaching me,
So happy to hear from you Lori that these sequences are helpful to you🙏
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I enjoyed this a lot! My feet feel "empty", featherlight, "windy", and ALIVE. All the stale lymph got flowing :) It even opened a bit my head synuses - I have a bit of cold and mucus at the moment...
Thank you so much for your gentle and sensitive but deep work. Always an inspiration!
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Amazing class. I am feeling my feet nice rested and relaxed.
Grateful Katra for your articulate insights. So glad their class helped you feel well.🙏
Sounds good Maria!. Happy to hear that this class is beneficial for you🙏
I used to do part of this a while ago and a couple of pieces I kept up because they are in the karate junbi undo and this is more complete. Thanks for the reminder.
Praveena C
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After working on my feet, I sat for a deep meditation. Definitely soul medicine. Thank you Elizabeth, a wonderful way to get into feet, hip abdominal, visceral, fascia
Good news Kristina that this sequence serves as a reminder of your previous practice. This class includes new variations that were not in my 2013 Foot Festival.
Inspiring to read your comment, Praveena. I agree, regarding Soul/Sole movement medicine
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