10 Minute Mat<br>Adrianne Crawford<br>Class 3695

10 Minute Mat
Adrianne Crawford
Class 3695

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Doing it again right now. Just stopped long enough to put it in favorites!
Beautiful 😊
Lisa V
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Short but challenging. Appreciate these shorter choices!
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Great class! Thank you x.
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Nice! I added some squats and pushups for a fast full-body boost.
Nice quick one to do before starting a busy day!
Great class. Loved the intensity and the length. Thank you!
This is my 10 minute back saver Adrienne Lots of computer work has made my low back achey and stiff. The rowing at the end felt sooo good. More of these short Pilates tea break workouts would be very very welcome.
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Short and sweet and perfect. Thank you
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Great quick mat class. Thanks!
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