Interoception in Movement<br>Elizabeth L. & Tom M.<br>Workshop 3708

Interoception in Movement
Elizabeth L. & Tom M.
Workshop 3708

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Thank you Elizabeth and Tom! This curriculum is so important to increase the efficacy of Pilates, Yoga and beyond.  I am excited to learn more about Interoception as the research unfolds~
Grateful to you Vajra for appreciating interoception and starting the comments for this workshop. the I agree with you about the value of interoception in enhancing movement education and practice.
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Deep gratitude for this workshop and the continued exploration of the work and human embodiment  expressed by Elizabeth and Tom.
Bless you and Thank you!  
So glad Mindi that you find this workshop valuable. This means a lot since you are very active on Pilates Anytime since 2010! Thank you very much.
Elisabeth, its your old friend Louise here :) This is an awesome workshop, I'm going to purchase and share the details with the Absolute crew. Thank you so much! Where would we be without you x 
I really enjoyed the opportunity to listen to Elizabeth and Tom and see Elizabeth move! Introception is so important to what we do! thank you for making this workshop. 
Ellen E
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Thank you for this Elizabeth and Thomas. Cannot wait to try the neck ones with the sling. Are the slings from balanced body? Ellen
Yes, the Balanced Body sling cradles the back of the head with a non-slip surface.
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Just adore watching the interplay between you both! Not withstanding the always terrific material that you both constantly produce.

It's such a pleasure to learn from you both. Keep em coming please please! 
Paula, so glad this workshop delivered for you! It is a pleasure to collaborate with Tom. Please check out our two other Pilates Anytime workshops on Fascia and Biotensegrity
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