Reformer Essentials<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3709

Reformer Essentials
Amy Havens
Class 3709

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Great cues, as always! Always nice to have just a basic class to slip into. I’d like to see this class either continued for intermediate and advanced or else linked to your other essential classes in these levels. I’d also love to see this type of essentials class on chair and tower or links to basic, intermediate and advanced on those apparatus.

Thanks Amy! I always get so much out of your classes.
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I agree with the comment above me! All of it!
Oh and I’m glad to see more videos back on the more traditional studio equipment. I was afraid we were going to be seeing the other more generic ones.. (no offense to them) but I appreciate the quality and professionalism the instructors & PA have.
Love your classes! Thanks
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Amy this is masterful! Thank you for such attention to detail, and such a smooth, effortless transmission through your voice. Quite stress relieving! I hope there will be more of this. Maybe the first of a series, building up to the more demanding work or perhaps on other equipment? Simple and fabulous!
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Awesome fundamental review and linking to mat work!
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Loved the faster tempo of elephant. Great set up great cues. Thank you Amy!
Carli Taylor
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I really love your cueing throughout this class. It challenged me and readjusted me at all the right times. Thank you!
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Great c;ass and excellent cues. Thank you Amy!
Always a pleasure watching you teaching :)
Needed the essential exercises to develop my intermediate reformer class. Perfect cuing and transitions!
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Always love your ques and your classes.  thank you.
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