Reformer Essentials<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3709

Reformer Essentials
Amy Havens
Class 3709

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Brenna S
My video keeps freezing at 7mins 40 seconds! 
Lori Mel W Megan Jane Connie Carli Taylor Nicola Ana Margarida Cordeiro Ferrao Kathleen Sandra I will do my best to add more apparatus to this theme and approach.  Again, I appreciate your interest and support!
Hen C
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Hello Amy from England. As a Pilates teacher thinking about reformer training this was so helpful. Lovely clear teaching style, I barely had to look at the video, cueing at its best.
Thank you so muchHen !  This is the type of comment that keeps me going!  :) . Let me know what program you decide to study with!!
Christine T
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Great class. Love it! Thank you.
Thank you so muchChristine 
Love your explanation on this, Amy.

I also love the feature of showing a separate list of the exercises (to the right of the layout). This saves me so much time by enabling me to go to that particular exercise, if necessary. I think all of the videos should have this feature. Thank you.
Melissa L
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I love how she explains and queues each exercise.
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Great Class! Fantastic to see the set up and some cues for some of the essential Reformer exercises! Thank you :)
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Thank you Kirsten and Melissa --  I love teaching the fundamentals as I believe it's the most important place to set ourselves (and our students) up for clear success!
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