Functional Wunda Chair<br>Christi Idavoy<br>Class 3714

Functional Wunda Chair
Christi Idavoy
Class 3714

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Wooo! Leg burner! Thanks Christi, loved the cues and imagery, could definitely feel the difference between each leg after the single leg work.
Dion S
I loved this! Thanks Christi! Great pace and intensity and perfect length to squeeze in while my 1 year old naps. I’ll be coming back to this one frequently!
That's was revolutionary for me in how I use the chair and get those neural connections awake! I use 2 black springs so my legs were very jelly after it was all done.
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Thanks for a great workout & some new ideas. Great cueing. Great class.
krista militello
I cannot wait to incorporate this into my classes.  My legs never worked so hard!!!  And, your cueing is always spot on!:)
perfect cueing, pace and variety of movements.  i loved the kneeling work most.  thank you for a golden 35 minutes!
Kristi B
I've done this workout twice already and I love it! My legs were shaking and my core felt so strong and connected. Thank you!
Estupenda clase!!!
Mamamia! Whatta challenge!
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