Functional Wunda Chair<br>Christi Idavoy<br>Class 3714

Functional Wunda Chair
Christi Idavoy
Class 3714

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Praveena C
Not easy.... love this class, thank you Christi❤️
Thanks for the great workout and creative ideas.  I love working the heavier springs
Absolutely perfect - I’ll keep coming back to this one, so functional! Thank you, Christy!!
Sabine G
Fantastic class Christi! the one-leg pump exercise was exactly, was my body needed! After doing this class yesterday,  I got up this morning with no pain in my pelvic! Thank you! I will built that exercise in my routine!
I can’t wait to return to this and progress. I injured my Achilles in the past and I was surprised that the cueing on the heavy springs I felt zero pain. Just a ton of shakes! This is a superb class for surfers too! Thank you! Super humbling!! My legs are jello
Fantastic - what a beautiful mover you are and a great example of how to instruct with precision !  really great class thank you
Brilliant.  As Pilates instruction should be.
Carla A
That was amazing!
That was really fun and effective! Thank you!
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