Hydrating Mixed Equipment
Christi Idavoy
Class 3717

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That was great. Thank you soo much.
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This looks fabulous and I am going to try it!  I have a reformer/tower so the side stretches using push thru bar and roll down bar are not available to me.  I am wondering if using a weight would give me the same effect.  If so, what weight would you recommend.  Thanks for this series!  
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Motion is lotion! I love that! This felt really great! I loved rolling back into the spine corrector with feet on the push through bar. A little bit like stomach massage.  And I just love your cues about the sitting bones.  I can really feel it happening when I focus.  Thank you so much!
Lovely class and cueing. Thank you kindly.
Great class Christi! And I love the SC + Trapeze combination
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Christi, you are always so inspiring! What a great class! Thank you.
I enjoyed a lot, thank you so much for a well thought session! I feel long, hydrated and ventilated! I loved your cues and your pace and how you bring this topic into motion!
Love this wonderful class!!!
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That was a great class, I feel fabulous now!  Great cues and tips I can use with my clients.  Lori I also have a reformer/tower and I used my jumpboard and looped a flex band through the handles at the top to simulate the roll down bar.  Worked great!
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