Reconnect to your Center<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 372

Reconnect to your Center
Meredith Rogers
Class 372

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Great class, Merideth. Loved doing spine stretches using a ball.
Great to hear Elaine! Enjoy the brisk weather!
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Thanks! Loved it. Got a great sweet without pain!
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Great class - really liked the side leg series with ball
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Thanks Meredith for a wonderful class.
Thanks for the kind works ladies. As always, it is wonderful to hear from you!
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Really enjoyed this! Thanks for some new ideas!
Good to hear Wendy! Thank YOU.
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Loved it! Great Class.
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I`m new to Pilates Anytime and this was my first class! I liked it a lot and got new inspiration from it! Greetings from Austria
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