Foam Roller Balance<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 374

Foam Roller Balance
Meredith Rogers
Class 374

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Great to hear Jessica!
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LOVE your classes, Meredith. This is a great one. Thank you!
I wish you gave more classes on the foam roller.
Thank you, Gail. I'll try to film another one soon!
Karen M
Enjoyed this class, I feel stretched and taller. Please Meredith could you add a few more foam roller classes !!! Thank you
I'll keep that in mind, Kam. Thanks for taking class with me. In the meantime, you can probably find a couple more in the queue. Happy rolling!
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This one of my most favorite classes! Meredith, your cuing and attention to detail is excellent! I have loved all of your classes I've taken! Please keep making videos. I'll continue to take your classes!
Thank you Kristin!! I so love hearing your comments.
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Just what my body needed today. Love your calm way of teaching too.
Thanks, Katie!
Hey Meri! Everyone is raving about the new towel class and I on on it! In the meantime, I still love this one for the right amount of core work, stretch, flow and most of all, destressing! Thank you! And I hope that's enough compliments to get a new foam roller 40 min class ;)
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