MELT for Your Feet<br>Sue Hitzmann<br>Class 3741

MELT for Your Feet
Sue Hitzmann
Class 3741

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Loved this!! What a difference in the before and after ! Thank you !
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Loved this class, lots of information to process. Would love to see more!
Interesting ... it woke up some pain in one hip !
I followed this class, it is pretty good for me even I had not the same ball as the class presented. I'd like to know the sizes of the balls and the hardness of the ball, If I was sent the purchase link it would be much appreciated. Jane
Where can I buy the balls in Canada?

That was fascinating, so stimulating, I liked the pace of the session. Where can I find supporting information about the exercises.
From someone who is on there feet all day and recently been suffering from pain in the pad of my left foot (possibly hammer toe). I just followed along and I think it feels a little better, I am going to do this daily and see if I can fix my problem   I also felt like my legs where internally rotated prior to the melt exercises. Then afterwards I didn't LOVED IT! could you do it more than once a day?  Thank You
I love this work.  I've ordered a hand and foot pack, the paperback arrived yesterday from Amazon and is now my new bedtime reading!  Please let me know when there is teacher training happening in the UK again.
Alexandra L
I did a workshop  with you years ago, Sue, when you first started out with your bags of balls for sale at conferences. Still have them and greatly appreciated this refresher (for me) video.  Maintaining the feet is an essential, daily routine. So many of us suffer with foot issues and body problems rooted in the feet. I came to this practice tonight because my neck has been spasming lately. I do believe the feet reflect and impact the neck, so I'm hopeful the spasms with improve and subside.
fabulous loved this class
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