Mobilizing Pilates Arc
Serafino Ambrosio
Class 3758

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Thankyou , during the lockdown it’s not possible for me to use a reformer for my footwork but this really soothed my aching feet. It was also fun and creative. Thankyou
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Total blast loved it
loveeeee it!! fun and challenging Arc practice with so many new exercises, light of creativity and an amazing cueing together
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Creative as ever! Great workout!
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Is in my favorite playlist!
Loved this workout and some great new ideas for class!
Noelle Iturbe Thanks Noelle would be interested why you liked the class ?  by the way i am soooo glad you liked it! keep Moving ! Luv from Italia !
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I loved this class Thanks a lot 
Marcela S I am sooo glad you like the class and that you found it useful! perfect! 

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