Class 1: Breath
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 3808

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Just what I needed this chilly February morning! Thank you very much x
Focusing on our breath can really heat up the body from the inside out.   Thank you Rhiannon W and take care. 

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This is such a nice little workout pre-walk!
Beautiful to hear Kandie A ! Short workouts are so useful as stand alone bursts or to compliment other exercise modalities.  hugs!
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"Remember, this is Pilates practice. So not everything is perfect all the time and we have to live in our bodies where we are and enjoy the moment". Thank you for these words :)
Hi Viola S, Thank you for "practicing with me".  Take care!! 
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I really love this one!
Thank you Kandie A!  Short sweet and to the point. One of my favorites as well.  
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What a nice flow, smooth between exercises, intense and at the same time gentle... Thank you Sarah! Definitely goes into my favorites! 
Gaia R thank you!  
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