Serratus Anterior
Lesley Powell
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Lesley Powell - loving these tutorials!  Just one question.  I notice Erin in her quadraped position has her hands slightly forward of her shoulders.  In my training we always had hands directly under shoulders.  Is this a more preferable position now or just different?  
I might have the client place their hands slightly forward;
1) if they have long arms and i want their backs more in a horizontal plane
2) with training the client to discover the scapular glide and moving the spine using deep muscles of the spine, I might move the hands more forward if their habit is too shorten the latisimuss dorsi as the primary initiator.  A lot of clients fire the lats too much for poor scapular stabilization and moving the spine.  Poor use of the lats can lock the scapula from their important bone rhythms.
Lesley Powell Thanks so much for that insight Lesley - much appreciated!  
Thank you very much for this very helpful serratus focus.
Thanks for Watching.
Tank you for that great explanation - a wonderful embodied anatomy!
If the assistant could nod more it would be great
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