Get Moving Reformer<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3836

Get Moving Reformer
Amy Havens
Class 3836

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Fantastic, efficient class. Thanks Amy!
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Loved it! thank you Amy! Right as you said that your pelvis was in a bit of a posterior tilt (when we had the straps around our thighs).  I was thinking “ hmmmm my pelvis is in a bit of a posterior tilt”. Thank you for mentioning! Great class great cues !
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I’m a pro at cheating obliques and they are crying right now. Good one Amy! 
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I knew I'd like this class! Thank you!!  I especially loved the straps around the thighs!! 
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Thanks Amy,  I did have fun and a great work out!  the but and abs feel it.
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This class was exactly what I needed today thanks so much!!!
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You are magnificent. The flow and cues are always kind, personal, and perfect - and all at once - which shouldn't be humanly possible! I especially appreciate 35-40 minute whole body workouts that fit into the early morning before-work-routine.  I appreciate your attention to active aging and how variations invite challenge along with an emphasis on slow, steady, positive progress. Yay for us! A new class with Amy!
Thanks everyone, you sure know how to make a Pilates teacher feel magnificent!!  So glad you're enjoying this workout!!
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Thanks Amy great workout!
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ouhh, abs on fire!! Thank you Amy for this wonderful and fun class. As always super great guidance! I liked a lot the shoulder work aswell. Just what I needed! Thank you!!
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