Get Moving Reformer<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3836

Get Moving Reformer
Amy Havens
Class 3836

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Thank you!! I haven’t done the workout yet but know it will be excellent coming from you!
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Nice to see you again.  I am going to practice this class, it is fresh as the summer morning. I  miss the ocean behind you...
Thank you.
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Hi Amy it’s alway great to take a class with you. Besides knowing your stuff and always being aware of working all body parts you have a lovely calming speaking voice.
Ooof- abs on fire after that one Amy! I really enjoyed the class and laughed when you had to wipe the sweat off because I was ‘glowing’ quite a bit by then too. Good to get me back into practising for me instead of prepping for classes!
Michele M
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Wow that was fun and creative way to bring weight bearing exercises into our Reformer practice!  Thanks for sharing Amy!  
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Thank you! Thank you! Was truly exactly what I needed, felt fabulous!!
Love this, Amy! Wonderful variations, as always! 🧡
Gerri M
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Nice quick complete workout...Move 
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That was fabulous! I was admiring your leggins. Where did you get them?
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Absolutely loved this!  Perfect quick workout!
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