Creative and Fun Mat<br>Gia Calhoun<br>Class 3859

Creative and Fun Mat
Gia Calhoun
Class 3859

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Oana Solomon
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I love your course, Gia! THANX!
Oana Solomon Thank you so much!
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Absolutely loved this class, can't wait to teach some of these fun variations in my own classes this week. Thank you!
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The perfect class - taking those mermaid variations to my classes this evening! Thank you, Gia. x
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Kristen and Melissa, I hope your clients like these variations! Let me know how it goes!
Don't get me wrong: I really liked this class, but I thin the title is a little misleading. Talking about "fun mat" I was expecting more variations of the usual exercices, like for example Brend A. does in his playground class on PA. Nevertheless, thank you for this smooth intro to my day and your calm instructions.
Katia  ~ I'm sorry that you felt the title is misleading but I'm glad you still enjoyed this class!
Lee H
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Great class. Nice and quick but still feel the ab burn. Great for active recovery
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A very enjoyable class with very simple, but effective cueing.
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That was terrific, thank you! My abs need lots of work. Perfect.
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