Grounding and Balance<br>Gia Calhoun<br>Class 3860

Grounding and Balance
Gia Calhoun
Class 3860

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Sarah Churchill - The Glow Collective ~ Thank you for taking class with me! So glad you enjoyed it!
Trisha S
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Great Class!!
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Enjoyed this one thanks
Lorie H
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Thank u for your clear instructions and challenging variations.
Waller M
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Excellent teaching. Very grounding, balanced and core focused without being intense! 
Megan Y
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Thank you for another great class! Loved the side kick variation on the knee and the balance exercises at the end!
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hehehe when you said "a sprained ankle always makes it more wobbly" my partner and I said aloud "I hear ya Gia!" simultaneously. Ex-ballet dancers...
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Medea ~ It's so true, right? So glad to know I'm not alone with that!
Marie Silva
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Thank you Gia! Grounding is my word for 2021
Rhiannon W
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Lovely thank you :) 
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