Standing Wunda Chair<br>Blossom L.<br>Class 3886

Standing Wunda Chair
Blossom L.
Class 3886

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Gerri M
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This is a fun quick rollicking workout on the ever challenging chair beautifully taught with humor and integrity 
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Thanks for another awesome, fast passed quick class! Love it!
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Great class! Mountain climbers are my favorite chair exercise! 
Blossom always love your classes.  Question:  I have the EXO chair and put on the heavy springs and struggled with lifting the legs.  Is there a much difference in the EXO and the Wunda chair.  I am sure it is some of my own weakness as well.
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Great Blossom! I love your cues.
Amazing class as always Blossom - seeing that you had new chair classes got me to my chair this morning and now feeling taller, lighter and brighter as a result ❤️
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Beautiful class!! Such wonderful energy, pace and cueing!! Thank you Blossom ...
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Wunda-ful class!!  Loved the new moves and appreciated the changing of the springs to do the triceps again. I was just going to pause and rewind since i knew what i was doing now :) . You are the best, Blossom! How do you spell Wenis? Weenis?  Weenus?  LOL
Love this class, thank you Blossom!
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