Standing Wunda Chair<br>Blossom L.<br>Class 3886

Standing Wunda Chair
Blossom L.
Class 3886

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This class was an excellent start to my day. I’d never done a class with Blossom before but I’ll definitely be back for more!!!
Hi Blossom,  Motivated to do some chair, appreciate the nuances of twisting.
Annette O
This is one of my go to chair classes. Appreciate Blossom's instruction, enthusiasm and the type of exercises we do. Many thanks!!
Great workout after a long week. Couldn't do the entire class without stopping but I got through it. This one is going into my queue for repeat until I can flow through the entire class. Thank you, Blossom!! You're lovely!!!!!
What a super duper fun class.  I feel amazing, but boy did you make me shake! Thanks again! I just love your positive playful energy, it ALWAYS makes my day brighter :) 
Ember Hopkins
Such a fun and informative class. Thank you!
Samantha S
Thanks for an awesome workout with great variations!
Lauren G
I love the washer woman from behind the chair! Really emphasizes the hollowing of the low belly. Thank you!
Awesome class, thanks Blossom!
Katherine W
Awesome class, Blossom.  You are a wonderful fun instructor. Thank you for always remembering  Kathy Grant and her little wisdoms!
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