Fundamental Mat Connections<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Class 3892

Fundamental Mat Connections
Karen Sanzo
Class 3892

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Useful cues to initiate and integrate specific muscle/groups.   Looking forward to using these with certain clients - thank you!!
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Really enjoyed this. Thank you
Patty Hafen
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Excellent! Loved it. Thank you.
Karen Sanzo
TO all of you who commented....Thank you for the kind words!!!  Teaching movement principles and fundamentals is absolutely my favorite!!.  We all have to manage some type of load to get stronger.
Eleanor VonTrapp
Excellent fundamental class that I enjoyed as an intermediate practicioner
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This was an EXELLENT class, THANK YOU Karen. Such a delight to watch an d learn and  try. Many more please....!! xxxx
Lori C
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Wonderful!! Thank you
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Love fundamentals, done correctly it is quite challenging!  Very  good instructions , thank you!
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It would be great to see the progress of this lady in a few months. It will be awosome, sure. thanks for this class.

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