Me and My Mat 2<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Class 3895

Me and My Mat 2
Karen Sanzo
Class 3895

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Karen you are so strong you have inspired me.....what a lovely class. Hope you do many more! 
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Thank you for this class. Strong technique and great cues. I personally do not love Joseph's double leg long lever exercises as there is way too much spinal disc pressure. 
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Another great class!! Thanks! 😊
Flore M
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Thanks  a lor for this class. You gave me a lot of ideas for my own classes !
Karen Sanzo
Thank you to all the folks who commented on this class. In terms of exercises that increase spinal pressure for some individuals, leave the exercise out or find the lowest amount of hold in order to keep working on the inner support.  
Daisy K
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Clean clear and neat demonstration .nice fluidity through the exercises !!thank you  for sharing 
Peggy W
Did this class for the first time today. Really clear instructions- loved the progression with each move. I’ll be back!
Kaaren F
Great class - athletic but not too fast to follow. Thank you!
Just revisited this class! It is so great! Ready to start my day now.
Svenja O
Loved your class, thank you 
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