Me and My Mat 2<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Class 3895

Me and My Mat 2
Karen Sanzo
Class 3895

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You are amazing Karen ...I just really love your classes. It feels like home to me. i love your energy.  i identify with you. Like attracts like.
Thank you for sharing your work. all the best
Blair C
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What great cues and energy.  I really love this. Thank you!
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Love the mat again!! Thanks for sharing your great energy and wonderful clear cues.
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That was an awsome workout, with lots of energy passed on by the teacher. Thankyou so much!!💕
Rachel L
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Wow everything about this class is dynamite! The clear cues highlight elements of each exercise that deepen the dynamic within the body. Simple exercises with many variations to increase intensity. IN LOVE!!
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Dear Karen l like your class and l like your energy. Definitive one of favorite classes.
What everyone says! Thank you
Summer G
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Your cues are incredible. Master of your craft! Thank you for sharing!
Aleksandra K
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Bardzo fajna lekcja, fajna instruktorka !
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Fun class. I love love love Karen's shirt! I'd love to get one!
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