Creative Tower<br>Marimba Gold-Watts<br>Class 3902

Creative Tower
Marimba Gold-Watts
Class 3902

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Wow!  I am cooked. What a challenging and creative class!  I have the Springboard, so it's nice having a class that is geared to it.  I loved the magician series and the side lying leg series! Thank you:)
Lauren W
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That was FANTASTIC!!!! Pllleeeeeeaaaassseeeee make more springboard classes. 
OH my gosh , this was so creative.. I am traveling so can't wait to get home and try this on my Reformer/Tower! I have to ask on a side note the type of shoes you are wearing? They look very comfortable. I am on my feet teaching a good part of my day and looking for something comfortable!
Fantastic! Thank you! 
Wow, what a thorough and challenging workout, particularly for the legs and especially hamstrings (and who doesn't need extra work on hamstrings?). Your calm tone of voice and beautiful stretch at the beginning had me wondering if it was going to be a challenging class. It sure was! I loved several new things that I've never done in other classes. I also loved using the leg straps to push down and work the hamstrings. Great class I'll definitely come back to! 
Super cool interesting movement and hard advanced exercises - chill easy cuing love 
AWESOME!! Love this class. Thanks for this session.
Mercedes L
Enjoyed thoroughly! 
Really creative, I'm going to try some of the standing variations in class tonight!
Vonne Atkinson
Peel up like a fruit roll cue EVER!
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