Creative Tower<br>Marimba Gold-Watts<br>Class 3902

Creative Tower
Marimba Gold-Watts
Class 3902

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excellent! I used several of these exercises with a client today, and they were a hit! She always wants to power through and use the heaviest springs, but she's now starting to realize that lighter springs are often more challenging, and this workout proved it to her! She was "really? yellow springs for roll down? Give me the black ones!" Ha! Yellow required that SHE control the movement alot more. Score!! Were the chest pulls heavy? No, but that's not the purpose of a roll down with chest pull.  It was so fun watching her really understand the principles of Pilates. 
Erin O
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This was so good! I only have a spring board at home so most of the equipment videos here (including the tower videos that require a push-though bar) aren't useful to me. This workout was so good, had me doing a ton in an hour and addressed my ongoing question: How to do footwork without a push-through bar. 
Soooo good and so challenging!!!! Whoohoo loved it!
So creative and inspiring! Loved it
So creative and inspiring! Loved it
Andrea M
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Loved this class. Very creative and interesting cueing. Would LOVE or have more springboard classes. Thank you!
Just what my back needed today. Thank you! The sequence allowed me to go deeper than I have been able to in a few months from being stiff in the cold weather.
Awesome tower class! Ever since I took your mat class with the ball I am always excited when I see you've come back with a new class. I needed this so much. A wonderfully inventive lengthening and strengthening class. :)
I have to admit I was feeling a little bored with my springboard until I found this. Love the emphasis on articulated movements!
Awesome class, thanks!
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