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Get the Clients You Want
Jared Kaplan
Tutorial 3906

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Julie D
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How do you tell a person (in the red zone ) that you don't want to work with them anymore?
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How do you suggest firing a client?
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Wow Jared! You were really speaking to me there. I have that client....the energy suck, the negative energy walks in the door with her and everyone in the room can feel it. I spend three sessions a week with her and I want it to be no days a week! Anxious to hear how you answer the other questions on how to fire a client! I love your green, yellow, red column tool! 
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Yes, I also like to know how you get rid of the clients in the red zone.
Actually I called two of my clients last week because they just didn't fit into my type of teaching format for different reasons.
I told them that they would benefit to go to a different studio which covers her their needs and goals much better and that they maybe waste their time with me.  It took me a while to understand why these particular clients didn't fit. 
After the calls I felt so much better and relieved.
Michael Mary S
Jared, thanks for sharing your story about your "red zone" client.  Just like most instructors, I have one.  I'm actually excited when she calls me to cancel a session.  Not only do I feel guilty, but it makes me feel really inadequate as a teacher.  It's good to know I am not alone!  Thanks.
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Valuable advice Jared! I see that all the comments so far are about the Red Zone clients. I want to share my story here as I had one of those. She was on a Monday at 4:00pm, and like Jared, my day before was ruined. I would feel wiped out all day Monday just knowing she was coming in. I let it fester for 6 years, and when the day came to fire her it didn’t go well. I lost my temper and she got nasty...but she thought she could continue taking classes. That’s when I had to change my attitude with her. I forgave her and told her that I was exhausted, but could no longer be her teacher, or whipping post. She’s my neighbor, I love her dearly, but I hide in my bushes when I see her coming😜
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Setting boundaries early on is the best approach. People will fire themselves that way.
Great questions everyone. Julie Anke Shoshana Goldstein Connie.  Stephanie 's point w/ preventative boundaries and being clear BEFORE you say yes is GREAT.  That said, if you each HAVE a 'red-zone' Client already,  HOW you go about moving on depends on what's best for you. Some ideas: direct conversation > email, offer a solution (ie a different trainer),  or, if skittish, say your schedule is changing.
Think about how YOU would like to be treated in this situation.  Sometimes honesty is really the best policy. That said, if the situation is too far gone, an indirect approach (ie schedule change, that you can't accommodate their time anymore, etC) can take the pressure off while still allowing progress.  The best strategy I can offer: set a deadline. Stick to it. No matter HOW you do it - that you DO it is what matters (Michael Mary is definitely NOT alone, and the feelings described by Anke after the call are SO important.  As Nike made infamous: Just Do It.
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Thanks Jared - that was really useful. It reminded me of some advice I had years ago - a businessman said to me 'some people drain your batteries and some people charge your batteries - limit your time with the former and increase available time for those who make you feel energised."
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