Romana's Pilates Basic Mat<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 391

Romana's Pilates Basic Mat
Monica Wilson
Class 391

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Love this class. I will use these cues with some of my older clients. Thank you
I absolutely LOVED this class, this was my first experience ever doing Pilates, I came in with a very stiff back that I always tried to stretch out by standing and bending side to side getting massages, none of that worked, today I feel none of the discomforts after doing this ONE time last night!!!! WOW
very competant, compassionate, lovely teaching skills
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Monica, all your classes I have watched so far are absolutely amazing. You are a very gifted teacher, delivering clear instructions in a very caring way. I look forward to doing all your classes. I would like to see you showing us exercises for different posture types.
Monica Wilson
Thank you for all the wonderful comments!
Wonderful. Especially appreciated last few exercises. Most helpful class for me yet! Great visuals and at a slow enough pace to ensure proper form. Thank you Monica!
thank you so much! this helped me with my back spasms perfectly! will do it again and again..
Great class! It's done wonders for my back. Thanks!
Monica Wilson
So glad to hear how much it helps!
i could use more workouts like this. some that place emphasis on the SI joint- and chronic problems with that, would be fabulous. my PT thinks that Pilates makes back problems worse. i would love to prove her wrong!
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