Back Body Reformer
Kristi Cooper
Class 3910

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Loved every minute of it!!!
Thank you . . . . loved this work out, I feel great!
I love this it’s so basic and easy to follow without watching and I do feel my back body more alive and aware - nicely done kristy! 
Kristi, thank you so much! Your cues are so helpful. I was able to connect more deeply to the work with your thoughtful words. Excellent imagery in side overs and pulling straps. When I got off the reformer I stood taller and felt a strong and stable back body connection. This is one for the faves!! Enjoy your day!
Thank you all so much! Leslie Granowitz  those were some good times! 
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Thank you kristi🙏
Thank you Z A 
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Great start to my Monday! Thank you
Hi Kristi, thank you for this great workout. For me the transition from feet in straps to hands in straps was a little too quick but I will still do this workout again as overall it was great.
Your workouts are always a favorite! Feel worked in a very thorough and thoughtful manner. I always hear something different in each of your workouts that I can bring into my teaching day ahead.
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