Day 6: Play with Tempo<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 3924

Day 6: Play with Tempo
Courtney Miller
Class 3924

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I nearly didn’t do this when I saw Mountain Climbers - so glad that I did thougbas now feeling refreshed and revitalised - thank you Courtney!
Loved it even when I cursed after every Mountain climber!  It made me feel strong even when I know I will be stronger next time! 

Wow these classes are flying by!!!
Loving it
Trisha Donnelly
Glutes on fire.
Love this challenge as its not something I do often.
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oh I think my favorite one yet!  love these short workouts!
very very nice
This one is my favorite! Total body!
I will be so sad when this challenges ends... I love it!
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This challenge is coming in handy again during this time of social distancing.  Thanks Courtney.  Hope you film again soon. 
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My social distancing savior! Loving it Courtney!
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